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Types of Websites to Help You Start Your Own Business

Posted by on Aug 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Types of Websites to Help You Start Your Own Business

In our modern world, it’s easier than ever to make a living online. If you dream of working from home, or simply want to get in on the Internet frenzy, you can do it by creating your own website. Even if you don’t have technology smarts, you can hire a web designer to create any kind of website you could imagine. Here are 5 types of websites you could start to launch your own business online. Monetized Blog  Never has it been so easy to make money by sharing your opinion with the world. As long as you have a computer and some writing savvy, you can create a blog and earn money from it. Be sure to create a specific angle that lends itself to hundreds of topics. For example, you could write about building computers or raising a family. Use analytic tools to monitor website traffic and popular posts.  E-Commerce The Internet is full of websites that sell products. You can easily set up an e-commerce website to showcase imported or handmade goods. The trick here is to find a product that is easy to buy online and ship. For example, custom furniture is better bought in person. However, you can sell clothing, vitamins, computer parts, or rare books.  News Articles  If e-commerce isn’t your thing, consider setting up a niche website where contributors can post articles. Consider the tone and subject matter you’d like to focus on. A news website will look and sound considerably different than a feminist opinion website. Talk with a tech guru to set up contributor accounts and sophisticated comment moderation.  Online Presence for Brick-and-Mortar Store If you already have a physical business, it’s time to create a website to reflect that. These days, customers look on a business’s website before ever stepping foot in the store, so it’s got to look good. Use a high-quality camera to take gorgeous photos of your store and products. If possible, mix this type of website with an e-commerce website, and double your sales with online ordering. Post videos, add a blog section, and code in a contact form for better user experience. Online Portfolio You may not have a brick-and-mortar store, but a service-based business. Online portfolios are popular amongst photographers, writers, dancers, singers, artists, and other creative types looking for gigs. Showcase your talents with an impeccable website with high-quality media and easy browsing.  No matter what type of website you choose to create, talk with an ARIN IP broker professional to get top-notch advice and services. They can help you build the website from the ground up, figure out hosting, and record your IP...

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Four Mobile Solutions That Can Help Small Businesses Improve Efficiency

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Today, there are many new technologies available that small businesses can take advantages of. You may have things like business apps in your office and file storage in the cloud. Mobile technology can also help to improve your business. Technology, such as MvoIP can help to improve your business and workflow. If you want to get more out of mobile technology for your business, here are some things that can help: 1. Sales Apps That Help Teams Communicate Sales teams need the right tools to help them make a sell. This can be done with sales apps for phones, which can include things like leads, spreadsheets and reports. The use of mobile apps for sales can reduce the time employees spend in the office and give them more tools to use in the field when looking for new clients or customers. This can also be things like event apps for sales teams to communicate with potential clients at business events. 2. Creating Seamless Communications with Social Networking Apps Communication in a business is important, and with modern social media, your business can have better collaboration. The social networking apps for businesses can also be mobile friendly solutions with apps that make it easier for employees to communicate on business networks. The social networking apps can allow you to easily communicate with employees and customers. 3. Improving Customer Relations with Mobile CRM Solutions Customer relations is also an important part of your business. There are CRM applications that you can use on web browsers to analyze data like sales, customer statistics and leads. These applications can also give you reports and other information. To make your business more mobile, you may want to consider a mobile solution for your CRM software that will allow you to access this data anywhere. 4. Reducing Costs with Mobile VoIP Solutions for Business Cellular costs for businesses can be a major expense. Sometimes, the calls made on business phones can add up, which is why you want solutions that can reduce these costs. Just like you can have VoIP in your office, there are also MvoIP solutions that can allow you to reduce costs with Voice Over IP on mobile devices. This can greatly reduce cellular expenses for your business. These are some things that can help you take advantage of mobile technology for your business. If you want to integrate communications into mobile devices, talk to a mVoIP service about integrating these solutions into your business IT...

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Understanding Computer Parts Needs For Gaming

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Professional gaming has gone from being a lucky break for the greatest tournament gamers in the world to becoming a viable, at least middle class income source for anyone willing to work on gaining a gaming audience. If you want to try your hand at playing games for income, you’ll need a computer that can handle the games of your choice. Before buying the most expensive gaming computer on the market that you’ll rarely take full advantage of, keep reading to find out what you really need. What Is Required To Play Computer Games? If you’re just getting started in computer gaming–especially in online gaming–you want to use your resources as wisely as possible. Getting the most expensive gaming computer on the market can waste years of possible upgrades, maintenance and business options. The biggest issue is that the powerful machine can break within a few months or before living its usefulness, which can ruin idealistic plans to make an expensive computer last through multiple upgrade cycles. Instead, learn to budget your machine needs by understanding the parts you need. Video Cards Are Critical To Gaming Success The video card is the most important feature that sets a gaming computer apart from a normal computer. Modern games have specific tools and instruction sets that aren’t understood by the main processor. Even without those specific instructions, the video card does a lot of heavy lifting in terms of rendering (creating) graphics so that the main computer doesn’t become slow and overburdened. Games have specific requirements, but video card companies often compete by having cards that can handle the most popular (and often most graphics-intensive) games playable at medium settings with their mainstream cards. Processor Speed For Overall Performance Even though the video card handles most game management, the main processor is still needed to load up the game. Look at your specific game’s system requirements to find out what kind of processor is necessary to maintain a stable game while still being able to use the computer. For your gaming business, you’ll need to be able to upload your gameplay video to the Internet either live or with a video storage service. You may also want to research different things in your game, such as strategies, new content or activities. Beware Of Hard Drive Excess In the race to make computers as fast and high-capacity as possible, many people try to get the very best (or at least best in someone else’s opinion) parts. Solid state drives (SSDs) have entered the market to offer faster file transfers for faster performance. The claim isn’t incorrect. SSD technology reduces the amount of time needed to access information. Instead of searching around physical hard disk platters, SSDs use data cells that can be accessed at a faster rate. Unfortunately, the prices of SSDs versus their older, platter-based technology may not justify the price difference. This can change as manufacturing makes the products cheaper. There is some value to SSD speed for gamers and computer users in general. The computer starts faster because operating system files can be retrieved faster, and your game can load up faster initially. It doesn’t speed up the game to a useful amount, so actual gaming performance is not affected. If your game becomes suddenly faster with a new SSD,...

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Use SD Cards To Keep Your Information Safe

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Decades ago, when computers started being used more, storage devices included tapes that held mere kilobytes of information and weren’t easily carried around. Then came floppy disks, which eventually were able to hold megabytes of data. They were able to be carried around easier, but you would have to take several of them to hold all the necessary information. These days, the easiest way to carry around a lot of data is to use SD cards. They can hold many gigabytes or even terabytes of information, and they are small enough to fit in a wallet.  What Is an SD Card? SD stands for secure digital. They are a solid state data storage unit. What that means is that there is no disk inside it. All the information is saved on circuits on the card. No moving parts means that the chances of the card being damaged are significantly lessened. The cards come in three sizes: standard is about 1.25x.9x.8 inches, micro is about .84x.74x.05, and mini, which is about .6x.4x.04. Those sizes mean that they are incredibly easy for you to take as many as you need with you.  What Are SD Cards Used In? Mostly they are used in things like laptops, tablets, cameras, and even cell phones. The small size makes them perfect for portable devices. Generally they slide right into the device, and are flush with the device so they aren’t noticeable.  Are SD Cards Secure? If you are using an SD card for sensitive information that you don’t want stored on the cloud or other storage method, you want to make sure that all your information is secure. Just the fact that you are storing the information on a physical device instead of saving it on a purely electronic format means that it’s harder to get to the data. SD cards also come with a physical lock on them. You can move that switch and the data can’t be written over. On top of that feature, the easiest thing you can do to make sure that your data is secure is to password protect it. You can put your own password on it, but you can also use an app or program that makes sure that the SD card can only be used on a device with that particular app or program.  If you have an IT services department for your business, you can have them help you set up a secure SD card for you to keep all your sensitive business data...

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How Could Your Industrial Work Setting Benefit From Fanless Computers?

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Computers can get hot inside—very hot. All computers require a cooling system to keep internal parts functioning properly. Without the ability to self-cool, computers overheat and then fail. Traditional computers, while adequate for a climate-controlled, traditional office settings, are too fragile for industrial settings. Computer fans that draw in air from the exterior can simultaneously draw in dust and pollutants. In industrial settings where dust and pollutants are a common part of the environment, poor air quality can slowly destroy the internal mechanical parts of traditional computers. If your industrial business has been using traditional computers in harsh environments, you could be wasting thousands of dollars every year on computer repair and replacement. Fortunately, fanless computers can make all the difference. Here’s how. Durability When it comes to durability, fanless computers outperform traditional computers by leaps and bounds. Fans inside traditional computers utilize moving mechanical parts, and are therefore easily damaged by shock and vibration in the outside environment. Fanless computers are less likely to break because they’re less vulnerable to these shocks and vibrations. Fanless Temperature Control Traditional computers rely on the space around them to be cooler than the internal temperature of the computer. High external temperatures can result in conditions inside the computer becoming too hot. On the factory floor, in warehouses, at construction sites and in other industrial settings, temperatures often exceed acceptable operating temperatures for traditional computers. While traditional computers can cool themselves easily in a normal office, this is not so in industrial settings. Many fanless computers are equipped with passive conduction systems that use pipes to transfer heat from the interior to the exterior of the computer. Fanless computers perform in a variety of temperature conditions, and are not vulnerable to exterior temperatures like traditional computers. Power Fanless computers are designed to use less power than traditional computers. At one time, this meant that all fanless computers had less processing power than traditional computers. Today, this is not the case. Through the innovation of software and mechanical engineers, some fanless computers are now capable of running on the same powerful processors as traditional computers, allowing people who work in industrial settings to do the same work on the factory floor as they would be capable of doing in a quiet office. Fanless computers offer reliable performance regardless of their location. For more information about how fanless computers can benefit your industrial business, contact a dealer with a reputation for...

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Three Things You May Want To Consider In Addition To Your VoIP Telephone Service

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VoIP telephone systems are a great way for you to reduce costs to your business and give you many possibilities for improving communications and productivity. You can even have VoIP connected to mobile apps and CRM systems. Other features can help you reduce costs as well as improve business operations and productivity. If you have VoIP systems for your business, here are three things that you can add to improve communications and productivity in your business: 1. Adding Mobility To Your VoIP Systems For Sales Today, businesses are more mobile than ever, and you take your phone with you everywhere to do business and be productive. You can also take the same business phone system you have in your office with you everywhere you go. This is something that can be great for sales teams that are often working out in the field to get new customers. It can help follow leads and improve productivity. Mobile VoIP can help reduce the cellular costs of sales teams that are often out of the office working on sales leads. 2. CRM Systems With VoIP To Manage Customers CRM systems can help you effectively manage and grow you customer base. These systems can also easily be connected to your VoIP system to allow you to integrate things like customer service into your phone system. It can include things like messaging and online chat for webpages, which can help you field questions from potential customers that visit your website. You can also have things like text messages forwarded to your phone system in voice format, so you can listen to messages through your phone system or even a mobile device if you are out of the office. 3. Team Collaboration And Productivity With Features For VoIP In addition to CRM integration, you can also have internal communication integration. This can include things like messaging, boards and productivity applications that can be used in combination with your VoIP system. For example, if you want to address a team about a project, you can use your VoIP phone system to do a video conference with team members connected on their computers. This is just a small part of the many possibilities with your VoIP phone systems. These are some of the things that you may want to consider adding to your business VoIP system to improve communications and productivity. If you need help integrating these features into your phone systems, contact a VoIP service to see how they can help your...

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3 Reasons To Update Your Practice’s Website

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In this technology-driven age, your medical practice’s persona cannot be separated from the Internet. New and existing patients want easy access to their medical records and medical information online. To accomplish this does not require technical knowledge, but knowing what to look for and the help of your website designer. Here are three reasons that you should continue to update your practice’s website. 1. Secure Access to Your Practice’s Website It is no secret that your website is more vulnerable to hackers than ever before. You need to review the security of your website and update the software used with it. Failing to do so can compromise your practice’s data and patient information. You can choose to outsource the maintenance of your website to maximize the security of your data. If you use mobile devices in your practice, you should have those evaluated and upgraded for potential security risks. If your practice is on a centralized network, everyone needs to take action to reduce the risk of a security breach. Your web designer will, of course, be the first person to consult regarding your site’s security. They more than likely will offer additional support via a package plan or refer you to a company they trust. 2. Provide Easy Access to Medical Information The medical information you provide to your patients is vital in order for them to follow outpatient procedures accurately. Your web design needs to make access simple and easy. You also need to take the next step and use your website to educate patients. People are finding it more convenient to research medical information online for a variety of reasons. This includes being more comfortable researching online instead of discussing information with their doctor or avoiding what they feel to be an unnecessary office visit. Having this information available on your website or providing the resources online as to where to find it is an opportunity to market your practice locally and nationally. It also represents the quality and expertise of your practice, enhancing its reputation. 3. Appropriate Calls to Action Will Generate Leads A call-to-action gets website visitors to provide information about themselves that can be used to expand your practice. Including a “Read More” link directing the visitor to more information is one example. Be sure your call-to-action’s directly state their purpose. Using a call-to-action redirecting visitors to your social media sites is an excellent way to keep visitors engaged and returning to your website. Patients can provide positive feedback that will be seen by others on their social media sites. It is the digital version of word-of-mouth advertising that can increase the exposure of your practice and patients’ satisfaction. These are just three things that will have a positive effect when you decide to update your practice’s website. Doing so serves multiple purposes as your patients and the general public’s need for quality medical information will be met. In turn, your practice will benefit through driving traffic from a national audience to your...

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4 Reasons Why Your High Speed Wireless Internet Isn’t As High Speed As You’d Like

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Is your high-speed wireless internet not quite so fast? Does it lag, skip, or just freeze up? There could be any number of reasons why. Far too many people think that they just need to buy a higher-speed package. While that may be necessary in some cases, that’s not always the problem. There could also be issues with your router, electrical equipment, or computer. Before you spend more money on a higher-cost package, do an inspection to see what’s the real root of the problem. Here are a few things to look for: What are you doing when it lags? Are you just browsing the internet? Or are you streaming movies and games? The larger the package of data, the more bandwidth you need. If it lags when you’re browsing, then that’s the sign of a problem. Most internet company packages offer at least enough bandwidth to browse without problems. However, if it lags when you’re streaming movies or games, then it’s possible that you just don’t have enough bandwidth and need to upgrade. How many devices are in use? This is another important consideration that’s often overlooked. If your wireless network is in your house, then everyone in the house on a wireless device is pulling from that network. If multiple people are online at the same time, the network could slow down. Families often see this when their kids become old enough to have their own devices. All of a sudden, there’s twice as many people online. You could solve this problem by upgrading. However, there could be other solutions. For example, you may have excess data on your cell phone plan that you could use for your cell phones and tablets. If so, make sure you’re using all of the data that you’ve paid for before you start tapping into the wireless network. How old is your router? Wireless routers don’t last forever. Usually, they last for a few years. It’s also possible that you got your router before you signed up for your latest internet package. If that’s the case, then it’s possible that your router simply doesn’t have the capacity for your bandwidth. If your router is old, you may want to change that before you upgrade to a more expensive plan. Does it only lag on one device? If your internet works fine on your tablet, but lags on your computer, then the problem is likely with the computer. You could have downloaded a virus or malware that attacked your operating system or your internet browser. If that’s the case, then upgrading your internet package won’t solve anything. Get your computer checked out before you do anything else. You can also contact a high-speed internet service provider like Virginia Broadband, LLC. They can likely send someone out to test your connection and see if any repairs are necessary or if an upgrade to higher speed would be...

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What You Should Look For In The Best Data Recovery Companies

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When it comes to data recovery companies, you should know that they are not all the same. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are doing what you can to learn how to find the best data recovery company around. To help you with this, you might want to check out the following things you should expect out of a highly skilled and reputable data recovery company. Free Evaluations Most of the reputable data recovery companies will offer free evaluations of your situation. This will allow them to assess what your full needs are, while making sure that they will be able to tackle them for you. Of course, should your files have been damaged by flood waters or by smoke, you might find that there will be a small fee to evaluate everything for you . No Fees If It Does Not Work You should not have to pay for data recovery if your files were not able to be recovered. Generally, the best of the data recovery companies are able to retrieve just about anything. But of course, should those files have sustained extensive damages due to a fire or a flood, they might not be recoverable. Therefore, you should not have to pay the additional recovery fee if they were not able to recover anything. High Level Of Security You want your files retrieved, not read through. If you want to make sure that you are given your privacy and that your files are going to be kept safe from being copied and distributed. In fact, you will want to work with a company that does not even open the files unless they absolutely have to and who would first ask your permission before doing so. The Best In Technology It is important to make sure that you are strictly dealing with data recovery companies that have the best when it comes to the technology that they use. You want to ask about their clean room data recovery and their repair tools. Remember, your local mom and pop computer repair shop is unlikely to have all of the high end tools to correctly do the job. Therefore, you want to stick with the companies that are strictly in the business of data recovery, as they are more likely to have invested money into securing the best technology in the industry. As you can see, there are certain things you will want to look for in any new data recovery company you are looking to hire. Knowing what those things are will ensure that you end up with the best...

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Don’t Play Around With Handheld Barcode Scanners

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If you manage a store that’s switching over to a system that uses handheld barcode scanners at the register, you are going to get questions from at least a few employees regarding the safety of the scanners. This is due to the light in the scanner being a laser — people become worried about potential health effects if they have to work with the scanners a lot. Other than an issue concerning the eyes, handheld barcode scanners of the type you’d use in a market are very safe to use. Mostly Harmless Technically, the scanners do have a warning attached to them. These are considered Class II laser devices per the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration, and they usually have a warning about not looking directly at the light from the laser. But other than that, the scanners are not radioactive, there’s no worry about the laser penetrating clothing and skin, and there’s no worry about health effects from using the scanner often. As for the issue with eyes: The light emitted from the scanner is relatively bright. If the light should hit someone’s eyes accidentally, in passing, the person will blink. So from a passing glance, there shouldn’t be an issue. But if the person actually stares into the light, then that person’s eyes could be damaged. The research is spotty on this; and CP Safety & Environmental both say that looking into the light is harmful, but the UCSB Science Line notes that there shouldn’t be any problems or lasting aftereffects. It’s best to err on the side of caution and try to avoid looking at the light at all costs. Don’t Assume — Train Your Employees When you have the scanners installed, ensure each employee, even those who won’t be working on the registers, receives training in how to use the scanner and what not to do. Emphasize that there shouldn’t be any playing around. If you do find someone playing around and trying to aim the light at someone’s eyes, or looking at the light themselves, penalize them. That sounds harsh, but if they aim the light at a customer, for example — maybe one of their friends is in line and they want to play a joke on them — the customer could get hurt, and your store might be held liable. That could lead to your insurance penalizing you. So instead of assuming everyone will treat the handheld scanners properly, monitor their...

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